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Hotels, Restautants and Commerce

The various hostelry offerings of the city of Segovia keeps, in most cases, the taste of the area where it is sited, although with innovations in accordance to the latest tendencies. Luxurious hotels, simple guesthouses, select restaurants, humble inns and more vanguardist premises can turn into excellent filming scenarios.

Segovia is divided into commercial areas that radiate from the Main Square (Plaza Mayor), where the Medieval market used to be held, extending to the exterior according to the urban evolution of the city. Shopping areas are grouped in the different streets and areas of the old city, Avenida Fernández Ladreda, Calle José Zorrilla, Avenida de la Constitución, the train station area, etc. There are small but attractive shops that offer varied products in the different neighbourhoods and streets of the city.

The craft shops (leather, textile, pottery, binding, etc) and antique shops are open to all those who are looking for the authentic and anecdotic.

The city of Segovia inherited from its past and still keeps the tradition of the open markets. These markets take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in different parts of the city.

Bigger shopping centres also feature, such as “Luz de Castilla” or “Almuzara”, which offer a large selection of modern outlets.