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SGFO is a non-profit audiovisual promotion office managed by the Municipal Tourism Company of Segovia. Its main purpose is the promotion of the city inside and outside our borders by means of spreading the culture of the image, as well as the stimulation and consolidation of the cinematographical and audiovisual offer, together with all the services it starts.

The professionals of the audiovisual sector find in the SGFO’s staff their most efficient allies when it comes to the information, support and assessment needed for the correct development of the productions to be filmed in the city of Segovia and the incorporated neighbourhoods. Our job is to turn all the work of these firms into an easy and economical task. Apart from the processing of all the filming licences required for the production, the office also acts as an effective link between the audiovisual sector and other auxiliary services.

As compensation for these services, every production that receives help from SGFO must acknowledge it in the film credits, by publishing the name of Segovia Film Office, as well as the City Council of Segovia and the other public or private companies that may have collaborated in the filming. Also, for archival purposes, SGFO will request a copy of everything that has been filmed and photographed.

SGFO, by their cultural character towards an economical promotion, carries out an active policy of compilation of audiovisual material about the city and its region, assuming at the same time the organisation of different seminars, meetings, conferences, cinema cycles, and other cinematographic events.

In short, SGFO is the entity in charge of providing the audiovisual


C/ Judería Vieja, 12. 40.001- Segovia

Phone number:
+34 921 46 03 54

Radio de acción

El radio de acción de la SGFO incluye no sólo a la capital segoviana sino también a los barrios incorporados a la misma: Fuentemilanos, Hontoria, Las Serillas, Madrona, Perogordo, Torredondo y Zamarramala; y  la Entidad Local Menor de Revenga.

SGFO, forma parte de las siguientes Asociaciones, que realizan una promoción internacional: