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SGFO will always need an accurate report about the mounting, filming, timetables and locations beforehand to make all the necessary moves to get the filming authorisation.


            When filming requires the closing or occupation of public roads, streets, squares…or when montage prevents pedestrians from having access to such public places, this must be notified beforehand in writing to SGFO including all the specific mounting and filming necessities and characteristics so that SGFO can make all the necessary bureaucratic and licensing moves with the involved Local Authorities and always with the Local Police Report.


            It is necessary to provide an accurate filming report including its characteristics so that the SGFO can present it to the National Heritage Sites Comission and the appropiate institutions, in accordance with The National Heritage Legislation.


If you wish to set up a Catering service on public ways, you must also request it in writing to Segovia Film Office describing the features and necessities of such mounting. Segovia Film Office will then make the appropiate moves with the different local authorities and always with the Local Police authorisation. Although Segovia Film Office recommends producers to find a suitable place to have the catering, Segovia also offers a wide range of catering services.


            It is also compulsory to send an accurate report to Segovia Film Office specifying car-park and loading/unloading needs as well as detailed vehicles features involved in these activities.

The town of Segovia is considered World´s Heritage so due to its monuments in the old part of town it follows special traffic rules (loading/unloading hours), and car-park rules (known as blue car-park fares). It is then necessary to request allowance.


The Spanish Labour Law deals with contracting children for public shows in a very special way. To contract those who are under age it is essential to provide parental authorisation to an inspector, who will evaluate the children´s working conditions: roles, remuneration, hygene conditions, safety, parental supervision while filming, lack of school attendance, break hours etc…This application must be put in at least one week before any filming begins.


             SGFO needs a report in detail of the filming to send it to the different safety and security brigades involved so that they can authorise the filming. SGFO will help to get such licences as long as safety for all participants is guaranteed.

In Spain there are regulations regarding this and the appropriate institution in charge of conceding safety licences is La Guardia Civil ( Arm Intervention Department). It is also necessary to ask for authorisation to the rest of safety and security institutions (Local Police…) and to the owner of the place in which the filming will take place as well as to neighbours and any other people who can be affected by the filming.

Some of the rules to take into account are that detonating or fire arms will have to be fake, never to be actually fired on. Arms must be conveniently registered and must always be blank cartridged.

Explosives transportation are subject to the existing traffic legislation.

If fire is to be used or there is blaze risk the fire-brigade must be told.


             Producers, apart from paying filming fares, will also have to pay for the town services (fire-brigade, cleaners, electricity, water, gas…) produced from filming in the town streets and infraestructures.


Productions which plan to film one or more shots from airplanes, helicopters…have to follow the current Civil Aviation Legislation (Normativa de Aviación Civil). They will also have to send an application to the direction of such institution. It is thus absolutely forbidden, except for landing or taking off, to fly below the following altitudes:

  • OVER CONGESTED OR CROWDED AREAS at a height of 1,000 feet (about 300 metres) above the highest obstacle in the horizontal radius 600 metres from the aircraft.
  • OVER OTHER PLACES flights must take place at a height of 150 metres above the surface, expect over the sea or congested and crowded areas. In such cases, aircrafts mustn´t fly below 150 metres towards a person, ship, vehicle or any other structure.

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Any jump has to be controlled according with the current Civil Aviation Legislation and will always have to be carried out by professional parachutists who should provide the United States Parachute Association (U.S.P.A.) membership card. Parachutists with the USPA card, type D, and a high grade are allowed to land in congested and crowded areas, under the supervision of an air coordinator.

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If producers are to film with animals, this should also be reported as son as posible to the corresponding institutions (Local Police, cleaning services, civil defence…). Any risky filming will have to contract an ambulance for the time filming lasts.

According to the current legislation regarding pets and wild captivity animal protection it is forbidden to use animals in those filmings which may imply any hurt or suffering for these.

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Para solicitar un permiso de rodaje "Segovia Film Office" nuestro cometido es facilitar las gestiones necesarias para el buen desarrollo del rodaje en la ciudad de Segovia. 

Para ello deben rellenar y enviar el formulario adjunto por email al correo electrónico

O través del registro municipal del Ayuntamiento de Segovia pueden realizar su solicitud, especificando sus necesidades.